About Us

My name is David, and I launched TripleDigitLove.com as a labor of love.  I should say from the outset that I am not a website developer nor a graphic designer.  In some ways, the site doesn't have the polished look that we're used to, but I think the idea is more important than the aesthetics.  I hope you enjoy it.


Often times we only whisper "I love you," but TripleDigitLove let's you express your feelings to someone special - and then share it with the world.  I think we can all agree that the world would benefit from focusing more attention on the love that surrounds us.


The site is built on the belief that love – in all of its forms – is the most powerful force any of us can have in our lives.  It is a source of comfort and motivation and meaning that has no equal.  You only need to listen to the radio, turn on the TV, go to a movie or read a book to encounter the universal reach of love.  It is the common thread that connects all of us regardless of time, location or culture.


The extraordinary thing to realize is you don’t have to be a musician or an actor or a bestselling author to celebrate the power of love.  Each of us has our own special story that is worthy to share.  Each of us can write a love letter.  It just feels good to say I love you.  It feels good to hear I love you.  There is no better gift, and it is within all of our reach.


I am the perfect example that there is no one particular mold you must fit into for love to have a profound impact on your life.  My numerous health challenges might be how most people would define me, but the truth is there has been no greater factor in shaping my life than the power of love.   One such example is chronicled in a letter I wrote to my mom


I hope you feel inspired to write a letter too. If it's your first time here, checkout our Getting Started page.  Whether it's a romantic partner, a family member or a special friend, we all have someone in our lives who deserves to be celebrated.  Join in our community to inspire and be inspired by love.  It is the best thing any of us will ever have in our lives.  Simply write from your heart.


All the best,




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